Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Citizens’ Declaration of Threat & Plea for Relief
18 Legislative Solutions to Creeping Sharia

We citizens of the United States of America, in order to preserve for posterity the foundation of liberty bestowed upon us by our founding fathers through our Constitution, do recognize the United States to be under grave threat of invasion, domestic violence and insurrection from elements within Islam. We respectfully declare the causes which lead to this belief and register our plea for relief.

We declare:
Islam is both theological and political in nature, as revealed in generally accepted renditions of the Quran, Sira, Hadith and Islamic law known as Sharia, whose expressed ambition is to bring the world into a state of submission to ‘Allah’ and divine (Sharia) law;

Core tenets of Islam are irreconcilably in conflict with the United States Constitution, identified in part as infringements upon freedom of religion and expression, lack of equality among people and between the sexes, and sanctioned deception in dealing with non-Muslims; these precepts constitute a breach of inalienable human rights;

Political Islam’s supremacism represents a duality of existence, placing Muslims superior to non-Muslims, and endorses behaviors that can debase, harm or kill non-Muslims;

Read it all at Civilus Defendus.

And why not take a moment to ponder this bit of sorrow I found...

I recall reading about the experiences of a villager in Serbia.when the Muslims came to town. At first they offered goats, food, friendship even money. They spoke a little of their religion and the wonders thereof. Soon, as they grew in number, they demanded changes in the way things were done, accommodations—:and finally conversion. Instead of inviting them to convert, they gave them ultimatums. Convert or die. Having one's head cut off was mentioned often. I recall specifically that the story teller said, "That's when we started killing them".

Peace on the playground is achieved through superior firepower. Violence and the threats of violence—the coin of Islam.

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf" is a quote often incorrectly attributed to George Orwell. It's author is unknown, but the point is well taken by those who are willing to acknowledge that not all men, nor women for that matter, are made with the salvo of a Mary Poppins.

We should all stand ready. Violence may visit itself upon any one of us at any time from many various and sundry ne'er do wells We can be sure those who died at the hands of the well-trained murdering jihadists in Mumbai felt quite safe and secure until the bullets started to fly. It's a comfort to know that there were enough guns sold in the US in the last 3 months to equip the standing armies of both China and India.

islam is a lie and
Truth is killing it.

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Monday, January 25, 2010


IT'S INTERESTING THAT those characters who summarily dismiss current affairs around the globe as nothing worth noting while simultaneously lining up to defend Islam against those who dare document the evidence or issue the clarion call of present or inevitable danger, tend to mumble on about the so-called Palestinian land grab. Many also express the need to know just who initiated this conflict between Islam and the West, just like the Islamists themselves.

The emblematic Islamists and their Leftist friends in the West often cite the conflict in Israel as the main cause of current antagonisms, but animated with furious certainty Islamist spokesmen themselves often drag in other old wounds to lick publically as a show of their eternal victimhood, the emotionally-stunted calling card of Leftists everywhere. Shall we recall a few of them?

Let's play spin the bottle, the old kiss and make out game. When did this "war against violence" begin? Was it snapped into place on 9/11, was it during the Taliban uprising, or maybe the claws finally sharpened during Desert Storm, or was it USS Cole? Was it Qadaffi's grievance as Reagan began bombing Libya, killing a son, or was it bombing the US embassy in Lebanon? Was it the Iranian students and the Shah of Iran, or that string of various hijackings and bombings of commercial airliners?

Was it various wars against Israel, was it British and French colonialism, was it Lawrence of Arabia, was it Armenians and Turks, was it Tribal warfare, was it oil, was it the Crusades, was it the destruction and elimination of Buddism from their birthplace in India? How dis Pakistan become Muslim anyhow? Oops, let['s not forget the Barabary pirates, the Somalian pirates, Muslims all. Was it Fort Hood or Fort Dix?

Was it the establishment of the Mafia in Sicily in a 200 year fight to cast out the Moslems, Was it sacking the Vatican, Was it the Moorish conquest of much of Europe and Asia/ Was it Jesus and his disciples speading Christianity long before Mohammed and Islam was conceived? Was it the Romans, the Greeks, the Assyrians, the Pharoahs? Or did some caveman steal another caveman's food.

But let's not forget. Islam is the religion of peace, (submission, and domination).

Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell us please, who among us is truly the most peaceful of all...

The point is that men have always been at war and likely will continue to wage war against each other until the end of time. But right now, right here (everywhere), Islam is on the march seeking domination). That is a fact, no money-grubbing dhimmi-breath weak-spined Western politician or creative class hack can change, and it is a fact no red-blooded Koran-carrying virgin-hungry Islamist would deny.

And yes, it was Islam who started it, when the warlord Muhammed launched his global initiative inspired by the sword. History is very clear about what happened next, religious garb notwithstanding.

Left to those terms, it's a simple analysis. The life of Christ versus the life of Mohammed. Which de-apotheosized role model would a rational, hopeful person choose if secure from the peer pressures of one's herd? But that's not really the question, now is it? Not unless one side or the other makes it the only decision standing between one's mortal life and imminent death. Even then the shady procurements of afterlife intrude upon rationality. But that's all we have. The god of George Patton versus the god of Old Mo and Andy Choudry. Being a westerner myself, I'll stick with Charles Martel, thank you very much. There, unfortunately, is no third way with regards to the current Islamic assault on the world, an Islamic assault made bold by weak western policies and flush crude oil revenues.

Here is an example of what the mantra that silly appeasers insist on parroting despite the evidence:

You are such a hypocrite, complaining and complaining about muslims.

Let's get this one fact straight, there are over 10 million muslims in america, Islam is the fastest growing religion in America, muslims will be the majority in france by 2020. There are over 1.2 billion muslims in the world, which equates to them being 99.99% peaceful.


You forget that Christians have throughout history murdered 100ks of us jews and yet you keep crying wolf with the FALSE THREAT. Muslims believe in the Old testament, the prophets, like Abraham, moses, david, etc..They are allowed to marry jews and christians.

We jews need to understand that these dumb propoganda sites like this dont really get no where. They just cause more hatred for no reason. And let me remind you for every jihadwatch site out there there ARE 10000's of JEWWATCH(jewwatch.com) sites out there spewing the same JEWISH HATRED as you spew MUSLIM HATRED.

Wake up!

Uh, no they don't, and several of your numbers are suspect. You can find the true nature of Islam elsewhere in this blog, and many other places that are WIDE AWAKE, not merely praticing multiculturalism's political corruptedness, which we actually identify as taqiyya, an Arabic word meaning "it is okay to lie through one's teeth to further the cause of global Islam." But then again, frequently boastful, truth and an Islamic warrior, often merge, as in this citation:

“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”

—Houari Mohamed Boumedienne
President of Algeria, 1965 – 1978
in a 1974 speech at the UN

Islamic grievance is matched only by Islamic pride. Together they create a pernicious stew.

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Friday, January 22, 2010


JUST TO PUT a sharper and more proper point on the stick that drives home the point by highlighting a few rhetoricals...

Why is my utter disdain of and rugged resistance to this wildly constructed totalitarianism called Islam a "prejudice" whereas my dislike of, say, communism or nazism (which are quite similar in ideological make-up when we sort the lies from the subterfuge), would be a political opinion? Why am I expected to automatically approve of any belief system supposedly grounded in the supernatural? Why is my reliance on reason considered inferior to their "faith" even when that faith orders great numbers of them to hate and kill all "infidels" and all of them to various other methods of aggression against said infidel?

Clearly, there are too damn many frightened little children running around this world in grown-up clothes ready to throw a tantrum if someone spoils their favorite fairy tale. The Muslims are by far the most pernicious contenders in this category.

I am not "prejudiced" against Islam. I detest it as a matter of conviction.

Educate yourselves America before it's too late, and remember, there are a myriad of strategic reasons why multiculturalism and the politically corrupted will seek to smother the truth in sickly sweet-smelling lies at every turn. But the bottom line America is fiscally and morally bankrupt. Global players are wrestling for strategic domination, and our leadership dances with our enemies and pacifies our attackers by acting like puppets, especially the Left. But realize that the Right is complicit, as well. Just educate yourself. Be certain of your sources as the BIG LIE is in vogue, but the truth is out there, and it's probably already in your heart. Knowledge will keep it there.

But the hour is getting late, said the joker to the thief...

Confused? Well, begin here with the Geert Wilders free speech case now going on in the Netherlands.

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