Tuesday, July 13, 2010


On July 13, 2010 at 8:29 AM, I on the ball patriot comments to an article about strategic debt defaulting at Naked Capitalism :

ANOTHER SPLENDID EXAMPLE OF THE NOW not so misty ‘global conspiracy picture’ gaining clarity with a few more brush strokes of reality. This is just another facet of, and a continuation of, the top down intentional pitting of the prudent against the not so prudent for control and elimination (it goes well beyond instilling deflective jealousy and is more focused on creating anger and hate).

It is an integral part of the larger global divide and conquer scheme whereby the rich eliminate the high resource consuming, expensive to maintain, and always threatening middle class, and replace it with a low cost, non threatening, low brow, law enforcement class, with the ultimate goal being a two tier ruler and ruled world. Its the warm and wonderful industrious Germans against those lazy shiftless Greeks. It is Pernicious Greed replacing good old fashioned Vanilla Greed. Its the same old shit in a different suit!

All of life is politics. The backlash will be strengthened and hastened by having ready a fair alternative to the end of all of this socially destructive parasitic voodoo bullshit whereby economics is falsely and deceptively separated from politics#151;namely#151;a very transparent, INTEREST FREE, alternative utility banking system that is controlled by the people.

Come on kids—it is time to pump up the volume of resistance while you still have a few resources remaining! It is time for election boycotts!

Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

A sad reckoning, but then Diogenes contributed his own two cents, adding to the profound real estate bust many of us are feeling:

I live in Phoenix.

I know many people who can pay, but are preparing to walk.

While Case-Shiller indicates that Phoenix is down 55% from the peak, I can tell you that, in many areas, it is much more than this. Case in point: a Scottsdale friend that bought a $950k house to live in, with a healthy down payment, now worth $350k.

At a recent dinner party, this was all everyone discussed. Lots of people are buying new cars, some are buying new townhouses or small homes, and others renting apartments while their credit is good, in anticipation of defaulting. Perhaps this was why conumer spending jumped a month or so ago?

Most of these poeple put 20% or more down, but are porfoundly under water, and may not see a recovery in their lifetime. And they see not a shred of hope coming from DC or anywhere else…

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