Wednesday, September 30, 2009


HOW SHOULD I PUT IT? Extra! Extra! Read all about it! There is excellent news seeping up from the groundswell! Intelligent life has been found once again in that self-serving prestige-copping body of air balloons called Congress!

The very fat lady must be singing somewhere, unfortunately, not with a bang but a whimper. But seriously, there is a voice rising up from the wilderness at the US Capitol, at last, on a very important issue vital to our national security. In his short but welcomed article Jihadist War May be Ramping-Up Against America’s Homeland, W. Thomas Smith, Jr. brings to light the work Congresswoman Sue Myrick has been accomplishing:

In the wake of several recent arrests of Jihadists across North America as well as the Obama administration’s insistence on renaming the very real global war on terror as simply a “transnational challenge,” U.S. Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R.-NC) is connecting the dots in a commonsensical show-don’t-tell approach to fact: Why this asymmetrical war by the Jihadists against us is every bit a full-blown war and not some politically diluted “challenge.”

According to Myrick, though there may be no current evidence materially connecting any of the recently revealed terror plots, FBI investigative documents and press releases, clearly indicate a coordinated effort by the enemy based on a single objective.

“These plots are all tied together by one thing: a global ideology that is self-identified by its believers as jihadist, or ‘jihadiyya,’” says Myrick in a published statement, last week. “It is hard to ignore this fact when in these cases below several of these men very clearly, and very directly, state that they followed this ideology (jihad), and wanted to kill.”

Myrick adds, “I find this connection disturbing seeing as these plots come on the heels of the Administration's efforts to rename ‘jihadists’ – which is what they [the terrorists] call themselves – ‘violent extremists.’”

Rep. Myrick, who serves on the serve on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (which has jurisdiction over the U.S. Intelligence community, including intelligence-related activities of the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, other agencies of the Department of Defense, and the Departments of State, Justice, and Treasury), is the founder of the 120-member Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus.

What is sad about the Myrick stance is that she is practically alone in trying to turn the tide against the willful blindness of our nation's leadership in Congress and at the highest levels of government with regard to this threat.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Found this online, fitting enough for the thought of the day...

Early in our country's history, in response to the Barbary pirates, the halls of Congress were filled with Congressmen shouting "Millions for defense, not a penny for tribute!"

How things have changed! Now it is "Billions for jizya, not a penny for self-respect!"

But just as the afternoon follows the morning, here is an even more profound and rewarding find called Turning Oil Into Salt:

One hundred and fifty years after the discovery of oil in the U.S. gave rise to the global oil industry, two of America’s leading energy security experts present a compelling plan to diminish the strategic value of oil through competition, fuel choice, removal of trade barriers on alternative fuels and other domestic and international free-market-based solutions.

In their provocative book Turning Oil into Salt: Energy Independence Through Fuel Choice, Gal Luft and Anne Korin, co-directors of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS) and co-founders of the Set America Free Coalition, argue that energy independence is not a function of the amount of oil we consume or import; it's about turning oil from a strategic commodity second to none (as salt once was) to just another commodity (as salt is today.)

As the sole means of food preservation, salt once determined the course of world affairs. Technology - canning and refrigeration - stripped salt of its strategic status turning it into just another commodity, something to be bought and sold that no longer has geopolitical importance. Turning Oil into Salt describes how we can do the same to oil, whose strategic status stems from its virtual monopoly over transportation fuel. The book addresses the following questions:

  • Why can't we drill or conserve our way to independence?
  • How are China, Brazil, and Iran leapfrogging to energy independence and leaving America behind?
  • Why do competition and the free market - rather than Soviet style central planning - hold the key to independence?
  • How can we bring down the cost of batteries?
  • Ethanol: scam or panacea?
  • How can we run our cars on CO2?
  • What will be the strategic energy commodities of the post-oil era?

    To order click HERE.

    "The Bible for everyone who is serious about energy and national security. A seminal work." Robert C. McFarlane, former National Security Adviser

    "A small masterpiece—right on the money both strategically and technically, witty, far-sighted, and barbeques a number of sacred cows. Absolutely do not miss this." R. James Woolsey, former CIA Director

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  • Wednesday, September 23, 2009


    JUST IN CASE the point has been missed, allow me to clarify that the ongoing opinion of The Bellicose Augur syncs with one I found floating about the ether this morning, and it goes like this: Israel belongs to Israel. The real “myth” here is Palestine. Palestine is a region, not a nation… and it never was. In fact, Israel shows more respect for the Palestinian people than all the other Islamic nations combined.

    Word of advice to my peacenik friends. Don't be a doofus. And don't get snookered by the well-honed Arab propaganda machine. Grab a clue. Make the world safe for peace. The Arabs and their Islamicist battle hounds can't and won't. End of story.

    P.S. The mainstream media's Michael Jackson swoonfest for days on end, drowning out any covert coverage of the brave Iranian people who were resisting their own violent totalitarian regime, nauseated me. The President Obama's response to the Iranian revolt kicked it up another level, compelling me to be ashamed of my country for the first time in MY life. But then, there's a lot of that going around these days...

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    Monday, September 21, 2009


    Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well. To what do I owe the extreme pleasure of this surprising news, as young Alex in Anthony Burgess' Clockwork Orange might have put it.

    Forecasts of climate change are about to go seriously out of kilter. One of the world's top climate modellers said Thursday we could be about to enter one or even two decades during which temperatures cool.

    "People will say this is global warming disappearing," he told more than 1500 of the world's top climate scientists gathering in Geneva at the UN's World Climate Conference.

    "I am not one of the sceptics," insisted Mojib Latif of the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences at Kiel University, Germany, and one of the foremost recognized experts on climate change in the world. "However, we have to ask the nasty questions ourselves or other people will do it."

    Few climate scientists go as far as Latif, an author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. But more and more agree that the short-term prognosis for climate change is much less certain than once thought.
    Read it all.

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    Tuesday, September 15, 2009


    Dear Gabriel,

    If you or I were a fly on the wall inside the national headquarters of CAIR today (Council on American-Islamic Relations), I have no doubt we would be witnessing a celebration.

    Anyone who follows CAIR understands that the organization is intent on convincing Americans that Islam is a peaceful religion, that terrorists are just a few "extremists" who do not follow "true" Islam, and that Muslims in America are the constant victims of discrimination, hate, and a massive and organized campaign to falsely smear them.

    Government statistics don't support the claim that Muslims are frequent, or even occasional, victims of discrimination or hate crimes. But CAIR understands full well that if Muslims can be successfully portrayed as victims, and critics of radical Islam successfully portrayed as "bigots" or "intolerant," efforts to stop the infiltration of cultural Jihad into America will be seriously undermined.

    This is why CAIR has worked hard for years to lobby political officials, members of the media, and leaders in academia. CAIR is quick to attack any person or group or silence any effort that speaks out against radical Islam and the threat it poses to America. Just recently CAIR-San Diego tried to stop an ACT! for America chapter presentation at a San Diego library.

    CAIR's confidential strategy memo of last year, which we obtained from an inside source, reveals CAIR understands very well how important it is to win the public relations battle.

    And a recent Pew Research Center poll reveals that CAIR's strategy is beginning to bear fruit. For instance, the poll found that 58% of Americans now believe that Muslims are subject to "a lot of discrimination." The same poll found that 52% believe Hispanics are subject to a lot of discrimination, and 49% believe blacks are subject to a lot of discrimination.

    In other words, more Americans believe Muslims are discriminated against than Hispanics or blacks. The public relations drumbeat to cast Muslims as victims appears to be working.

    But what is most disturbing is that 45% of those polled do not believe Islam is any more likely to encourage violence among its believers than other religions. Consider that shocking finding for a moment. Since 1970, over 50,000 different acts of Islamic terrorism or violence have been documented across the globe. No other religious belief comes even remotely close. Yet 45% of Americans polled by Pew believe Islam is no more likely to encourage violence than Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism. In other words, 45% of Americans now believe something that is demonstrably and provably incorrect.

    How has this happened? Disinformation in our schools and universities and rampant political correctness in the media and government, fueled by the actions and activities of organizations like CAIR. Like I said, CAIR is rejoicing today. This is a good wake-up call for us. The good news is that 38% of those polled did believe Islam is more likely to encourage violence than other religions, so a lot of Americans "get it."

    But if the trends of the past four years revealed in this poll continue for the next few years, the time will come when a majority of Americans will believe the politically correct misinformation that is flooding our schools, colleges, news programs and films and television shows.

    CAIR understands how important the public relations effort is to winning the hearts and minds of Americans. We do too.

    This is why I'm writing you today, to unveil an ambitious and powerful public relations effort we are starting to put together for early next year.

    Our plan is simple: Create a 30 minute ACT! for America infomercial and air it on cable TV stations nationwide. The infomercial will show viewers the truth about the multiple threats of radical Islam, from nuclear terrorism to cultural Jihad. We will tell them how they can get involved in ACT! for America, and how their voice and action will help us make a difference.

    In the struggle against radical Islam, no other program like this has ever been launched on this large a scale. Our goal is to reach tens of millions of viewers, through the power of film, to fight back against the politically correct disinformation that is flooding our society.

    Can you envision the power of this? We know that such infomercials work because numerous companies and other organizations continually spend the money to air them. If they didn't work, those organizations wouldn't spend the money to produce them and show them.

    Now is the time for us to ACT. We can't allow CAIR and its many allies to ultimately win the public relations battle. So I'll get straight to the point. Over the next three months we are going to do everything we can to raise the money needed to finance the production and airing of a top quality 30 minute infomercial so we can reach the masses of America.

    That effort begins today, and I need your help. If you will commit to a $20 per month contribution, I'll send you an autographed copy of my best-selling book They Must Be Stopped, AND a copy of our new 14 minute DVD, "Welcome to ACT! for America."

    What's more, when the infomercial is completed I will mail you a DVD of it so you will be one of the first people in America to view it. The Patriot Partner program is the backbone of our ongoing efforts to launch new programs, such as the Stop Shariah Now project we just unveiled last week, and this new infomercial.

    I know that economic times are tough for many Americans, and if we could afford to do so, we wouldn't ask you for your help right now.

    But CAIR isn't stopping its efforts, efforts that are paying off. Organizations getting disinformation into our public schools and universities aren't stopping their efforts. The Saudis haven't stopped their efforts to fund radical Islamic material in mosques across the country. We MUST counter those efforts with action of our own. We cannot sit still and hope for the best.

    If just 1,000 of our 62,000 members committed to $20 per month, that would add up to $240,000 in one year—enough money to buy a lot of air time on cable stations for our infomercial!

    That's the power of "when everyone does a little, together we accomplish a lot." Now, if you're already a Patriot Partner, or you're simply not able to become a monthly contributing Patriot Partner at this time, but you still want to help, here are two things you can do. Depending on the amount of your contribution, I'll send you a gift, such as an autographed copy of my book AND the new ACT! for America DVD, as my way of saying thank you. And if you make a contribution of $100 or more, I'll also send you a DVD copy of the infomercial when it's completed.

    However, I want to reiterate, the most important way you can help us is by becoming a Patriot Partner. My hope is that at least 1,000 of you choose to do so. That will really jump-start our efforts to fund this new infomercial. I'll be able to speak to current and potential donors who are able to make large contributions, and show them how our grassroots membership is responding to this call.

    So please, ACT today. Please don't sit on the sidelines and hope someone else will respond. Click here to become a Patriot Partner.

    If you already are one, or you aren't able to make a monthly commitment at this time, click here to make the most generous, one-time gift you can.

    Or click here to print out a reply form to mail in with your check.

    Today in Europe and England most people are too afraid or intimidated to speak the truth in public about the threat of radical Islam. Political correctness has won the public relations battle. That's one big reason why they're losing the larger struggle against radical Islam.

    We can't let that happen here. We can't let CAIR and its allies win the hearts and minds of Americans with their politically correct disinformation.

    Always devoted,

    Brigitte Gabriel

    Urgent pushback required? Yes. The best approach is to simply confront them with the facts, the facts, and nothing but the facts. AND KEEP HITTING THEM WITH THOSE FACTS! Resist petty sophistries. Learn your history. Start anywhere you have a particular interest. Islam is an historical movement. Western philosophers in the 20th Century announced the death of God and the end of history. Islam in the 21st century is not begging to differ. Instead, Islam demands we accept their call to us to become Muslims, or else! Learn the arguments, and stand strong with the facts.

    Consider the Islam whitewash (with a little help from their Leftist Marxist friends) of the Crusades. It is clear that the Crusades were a defensive move called and endorsed by Pope Urban as a long-awaited response to Islam which had entered another of its conquering and proselytzing by the sword phases.

    Strategic victories like the one at Manzikert were important to morale in cinching a rallying cry but above all the issue was the Muslim capture of Jerusalem, occupied since 638.

    Modern politically correct histories will insist with spin that Jerusalem first fell to the Muslims without a fight but, in fact, the reason no major battle was waged for Jerusalem in 638 was that Byzantines had been defeated at Battle of Yarmuk in 636. Yet, Jerusalem had sustained a four-month siege before it finally surrendered.

    Saladin's forces in 638 were engaged in occupation and converting the native peoples into refugees in their own country.

    Saladin massacred the prisoners he captured after the Battle of Hattin, not all of whoem had killed Muslim civilians, so the idea that he was some saintly figure as characterized by Hollywood and Islamic apologists of late, is nonsense.

    Denouncing the Crusades is a bit like beginning a history of the Second World War in 1944 and stating that D-day, the invasion of Normandy, was a wicked invasion, concocted by Britain, the USA and other allies, of France which was, of course, the natural home of the Germans.

    You have to ignore centuries of Muslim aggression to reach this conclusion. And this is the sort of white-wash, nay, Orwellian rewrite that is going on in the world and America today. Each detail is a mere dot connected by the propaganda machine in creating that an image of Islam as a glorious and peaceful religion. Brigitte Gabriel knows first hand, a different picture. And she is not alone. Wake up America. Europe and other peoples in the Far East are in great danger of falling under the sword of Islam. Shall we stupidly and blindly follow them to our own bloody graves?

    This week in Europe we find rare, groundbreaking, and very welcomed news of a wary leftist in government:

    THE HAGUE—Leftwing Green (GroenLinks) leader Femke Halsema has, unusually for her, expressed criticism of Islam. This religion is "of course a problem," she said yesterday in an interview with free newspaper De Pers. Confronted with the statement by the newspaper that the 'progressive' GroenLinks does not campaign against orthodox Islam, Halsema reacted dismissively.

    "We do (criticise it). I am one of the few that criticises Saudi Arabia, along with Geert Wilders, for the violation of women's rights. I will always campaign fiercely against any suspected introduction of the Sharia."

    Invited to criticise Islam without making a parallel attack on Catholicism, Halsema did not shy away. "I notice it in my district: of course Islam is a problem. Anyway, specifically Islam in combination with illiteracy. It is having few of your own opinions about the good life."

    "Being fearful of our society and thereby becoming very susceptible to what the Imam thinks, who is often very conservative. When I come to my children's school, it is sometimes difficult for me—I really come from the feminist movement—that I am then sitting between all kinds of veiled women. I will not attack their rights for this. But I cannot wait for the moment when they will freely throw off their headscarves. I would prefer to see every woman in the Netherlands scarf-less. And completely free. I do not believe that any God whatever imposes clothing demands. This has been done by the men who explain the faith."

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    Friday, September 11, 2009

    UNIVERSAL JIHAD: Radical Islam's Worldwide War on Liberal Democracies

    By Vijay Kumar

    ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, a war was brought to our shores by a band of men, bound by a militant ideology, in an act of mass murder. The response by the United States was a so-called "War on Terror," a reflex that has proved to be as ineffective as it has been costly.

    We have spent more than a trillion dollars on invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. More than 5,000 American soldiers have died in the last eight years, and tens of thousands of American soldiers have been wounded.

    What has this flood of blood and money bought us?

    There has been no sustainable victory for the United States. There is no strategic victory; there is no political victory; there is no moral victory. And there is no peace. Islamic terrorism continues around the globe unabated.

    The Obama administration lately wants to avoid any taint by the phrase "War on Terror," papering it over with even more ambiguity, calling it now an "Overseas Contingency Operation." It's still the same losing war, just as costly, just as ineffective.

    The Bush and Obama administrations' "War on Terror" - by any name - has failed for a simple reason. It is because there is no such a thing as war on terror. Terrorism is a technique, a method, a weapon, a means to an end. Terrorism is not an enemy that can be named or identified, much less fought effectively. A "War on Terror" is a war on shadows, a war on nothing and on no one. It is a fool's errand.

    Yet there is a war raging. It is a war that already had raged for 1,400 years before it was brought to our shores, a war that has laid waste to entire nations, cultures, and civilizations. The war is Universal Jihad: the eternal worldwide war on all infidel nations.

    Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt were Christian nations before Christianity was supplanted by Political Islam. Afghanistan was Buddhist, Iran was Zoroastrian, and Pakistan was Hindu before Radical Islam consumed their civilizations and cultures.

    The long-running Israeli and Palestinian conflict is not some unique standalone dispute over real estate or factionalism or any of the other wrong reasons given for it. It is simply another front in Universal Jihad's imperialistic war for the minds and souls of man. There has never been a lasting peace there because Political Islam has no interest in making peace with infidels-and every man, woman, or child anywhere in the world who is not Muslim is branded as infidel.

    The crisis in the Middle East never ends because Political Islam never yields to another ideology. It does not believe in or permit of peaceful co-existence. The problem is not Jews or Israel. The only thing keeping the conflict in endless, irresolvable foment is a universal supremacist ideology that demands the conquest of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Chinese, the West and sub-Saharan Africa.

    The purpose of Universal Jihad, its mandate, its raison d'etre is conquest of the infidels and their nations-all of them-whether by conversion, domination, or death. In Political Islam, there is no fourth choice. It does not countenance any form of permanent peace with infidels.

    Where Muslims are weak demographically and politically, they will propose truce. But we must understand the difference between truce and peace. Truce is a temporary ploy to buy time until one is stronger. Peace is lasting mutual respect. Muslims care not for peace, ever, with infidels, who are seen as inferiors. Where Muslims are strong they wage Universal Jihad, a worldwide war against the infidel. Jihad is the scriptural imperative of Political Islam, and the infidel is fair game.

    For Universal Jihadists, therefore, any tactic, any means, any weapon is fully justified, so terrorism and mass murder are considered to be perfectly valid methods in attaining their theological and political goals.

    The Lockerbie mass murderer was given a hero's welcome recently in Libya because in Islam's Universal Jihad he is a war hero.

    The September 11, 2001 mass murder in the United States was a holy act, not only sanctioned but also celebrated.

    The doctrine of Universal Jihad has a clear global goal: the supremacy of Islam everywhere in the world. It demands theological, political, and cultural supremacy-Islamic Imperialism-over the entire world. There is no room for political pluralism.

    In Political Islam, there is no valid law other than the Islamic law, Sharia. The constitutions of liberal democracies are nothing more than the folly of fallible men and not worth the paper and ink wasted on them. Universal Jihad is a war on the cornerstones of democratic principles: individual rights and freedoms. It is a declared war on the very existence of democracy and the freedom of mind in the world.

    Islamic Imperialism is the greatest imperialist force the world has ever seen. Until recently, the Western Hemisphere has been largely isolated and protected from Universal Jihad by geographical and technological barriers. Today, all of that has changed.

    The United States merely is among the latest nations to be targeted for attack and invasion by Universal Jihad. It is infantile to believe that the Universal Jihadists have brought their 1,400 hundred years war to the West because of America's support of Israel. Universal Jihad predates the birth of the United States and of Israel by a thousand years, and already has conquered much the Middle East and parts of Europe.

    America is falling prey to the same overt and covert strategies and tactics. Terrorism has been only one of those tactics.

    Demographic conquest is the most permanent form of conquest. The infiltration of both legal and illegal Universal Jihadists to Western Europe and North America is fundamentally altering the very fabric of Western civilization. Political Islam is a State within a State no matter what nation it enters.

    Political Islam views the world as being divided into two eternally opposing camps: Darul al-Harb (Land of Hostility, governed by the infidels) and Darul al-Islam (Land of Peace, ruled by Muslims). Any land that is not Islamic and not ruled by Muslims is considered Land of Hostility. Universal Jihadists have a theological obligation to conquer non-Muslim nations by any means and supplant the governments of men with Islamic theocracy. Hence, there is no such a thing as assimilation of Islam into a host society.

    What the Western mind has failed to grasp is that in Islam, separation of church and state is categorically, scripturally, emphatically, and dogmatically impossible.

    That is why the inherent imperialism of Universal Jihad is a greater threat to liberal democracies than Nazism and Communism combined. Unlike Islamists, Nazis and Communists lacked a transcendental metaphysics and global demographic strength. Nazism was defeated within ten years of its rise to power in Germany, and Communism has collapsed because of its own internal contradictions; post-Communist Russia and post-Nazi Germany became liberal democracies.

    Not so the nations and civilizations conquered by Universal Jihadists.

    A thousand years ago, the Indian Hindus were in the same predicament as is the Western world today. Their epistemologies were too rational, their metaphysical views too abstract and embracive. Their concept of non-violence even against those who wanted to annihilate them and their way of life was their greatest flaw. It was a fatal flaw. The Western world's present approach is reminiscent of the ancient Hindus.

    The current crisis between the West and the doctrine of Universal Jihad is epistemological; it is a war of rationalism and intellectual freedom against virulent theological dogma. But it is a war. It was declared 1,400 years ago. Now it has been brought to America's shores.

    Universal Jihadists have been winning through eternal patience and persistence engendered and empowered by their transcendental metaphysics, and their central belief that the entire world was meant to be governed by Islamic theocracy. What they lack in technology, they make up in demographic strength, geographic diversity, ideological clarity, and a fanaticism that is only "business as usual."

    Compounding the threat is widespread ignorance among the rank and file. Of the purported 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, 90% do not speak Arabic, yet Islam's most lionized theologians claim that the Quran cannot be translated into any other language. By their measure, 90% of Muslims cling to the ragged edges of a dogma that they cannot hope to fully understand.

    At stake are our intellectual and spiritual freedoms, and the most cherished principles of democracy. To preserve them, we must win this war not of our making. The alternative is unconditional surrender. Universal Jihadists are the product of militant ideologies and not vice-versa. Unless and until we confront that ideology for what it is, logically and persistently, all of our efforts are, and will continue to be, futile.

    American politicians of both parties have failed or refused to define the true nature of the enemy and its intentions. The enemy is not Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, Islamic Brotherhood, or any of the hundreds of Islamic fundamentalist groups from Algeria to the Middle East to South Asia to Indonesia. Each of those is merely a tentacle of the same voracious beast called Universal Jihad. The very fact of the multitude of factions is nothing more than another strategy of Universal Jihadists to disperse and confuse and weaken the infidel by making him fight too many enemies on too many fronts. And it is working.

    The only real enemy is Universal Jihad in all its manifestations. It is an existential crisis that threatens equally every non-Muslim nation, no matter what their culture, heritage, philosophy, or form of government.

    The current military campaign by the United States and an ever-shrinking handful of its allies in the failed "War on Terror" (by any name) are beyond ineffective; it is suicidal. For eight long years it has squandered billions of dollars and thousands of innocent lives attacking the wrong enemies, while leaving the real seats of power of Universal Jihad unscathed, and even embracing them as "allies" and trading partners.

    The war in Afghanistan is escalating, with the last two months alone having been the two deadliest months in the eight long years of U.S. involvement there. Yet Afghanistan is only a client state, a proxy, for Pakistan, one of the nations in the triumvirate that is the Empire of Universal Jihad. It is Pakistan's clandestine agency, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), that rules Pakistan. Using Saudi money, the ISI created Taliban and Al-Qaeda. It is Pakistan's ISI that fosters Afghanistan's chief exports of heroin and terrorism, and that supplies refuge for Universal Jihadists. Yet we embrace Pakistan as an "ally."

    The Seats of the Empire of Universal Jihad are Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan. These are Command Central. These are the declared enemies of democracy and of fundamental human rights and freedoms across the globe. Unless and until they are recognized, named, and treated as such, Universal Jihad will continue to ravage every non-Islamic nation and culture everywhere around the world into perpetuity.

    The war being waged against humanity and democracy by Universal Jihadists can be won decisively. We can find a lasting and comprehensive solution to the greatest imperialistic threat Western civilization has ever seen. We have billions of willing allies in every place on the globe. But our success, our victory is predicated upon knowing and naming the real enemy, knowing the scope and reality of the threat, and taking decisive and directed action.

    I maintain:

    War against Universal Jihadists can be won globally in less than five years.
    It can be won for less than one billion dollars.
    It can be won without any more loss of American or Western Life.

    In order to win this war that has been declared against us through no fault of our own, the first requisite is to acknowledge that it is an ideological war. It is the totalitarian Islamic theocracy against fundamental human rights and freedoms and against every democracy in the world.

    It's also necessary to recognize that causes of poverty, illiteracy, and misery prevalent in Islamic nations are over-population, suppression of intellectual freedom, hostility to critical thinking, and a dictatorial theocracy as the form of government. Colonialism or Zionist or Anglo-American conspiracies are not the cause.

    The conflict between Universal Jihadists and the West is philosophical. Strength is necessary to bring and maintain order, but force alone can never prevail. Reason, empiricism, and the scientific method are our greatest weapons against the religious fanaticism of Political Islam's militant theocracy.

    Non-Islamic nations must correctly classify the doctrine of Universal Jihad as a subversive paramilitary political movement whose core ideology, of record, demands the overthrow of the existing forms of governments. Civilized nations recognize that such subversion, in times of war, constitutes treason.

    And Universal Jihad is a declared war. It is a war of Islamic theological exclusivism against pluralistic democratic traditions. They are mutually exclusive. Islam's Sharia is the antithesis of individual intellectual and spiritual freedom. It stands in direct opposition to the very existence of any constitutional democracy, and to the very right to existence of any other religion or belief.

    Therefore, in order to prevail in this war against the rest of mankind, we must do the following.

  • Build a global united alliance of nations against Universal Jihad. Jew and Gentile, Anglo-Saxon and Slav, Hindu and Buddhist, Norwegian and Nigerian-all have been victimized by Jihad. Never has any barbaric imperialism so universally threatened mankind without regard to national or ethnic or philosophical or geopolitical boundaries. Whatever our differences, in this war we are allies unified by a common ruthless enemy that will not rest until we and our cultures and nations have been conquered through conversion, domination, or death. United, we cannot be overcome.

  • Systematically remove all advocates of Political Islam's Universal Jihad from every nation of the Western world-which, by their own definition, is Darul al-Harb (Land of Hostility, governed by the infidels). The claims and requirements of Literal Islam's mandated theocracy call for overthrow of the American and Western forms of government in a declared war, and the supporters of Universal Jihad have committed and condoned acts of war on our soil against our people and our nations. That is treason.

  • As a united alliance of nations against Universal Jihad, cut off all trade and diplomatic ties to the Empire of Universal Jihad: Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. Enforce these sanctions until their governments publicly, formally renounce and disavow Universal Jihad by official proclamation.

  • As a united alliance of nations against Universal Jihad, use the combined resources of all affected nations to demilitarize, secularize, and democratize the Empire of Universal Jihad.

  • As a united alliance of nations against Universal Jihad, demand and exact compensation from the Empire of Universal Jihad for having supported global terrorism for at least the past half-century.

    If any of these steps to victory seem draconian or undemocratic, pause to reflect that they are far more humane and civilized then the strategies and tactics of Political Islam and its 1,400 years war that has decimated entire civilizations and murdered countless millions. These steps are far more humane and civilized than dropping atomic bombs on civilian populations. These are not some "Modest Proposals" in the tradition of Swift. These are sober, attainable and necessary steps that must be taken if the rationality and freedoms gained by mankind over thousands of years of social evolution stand any chance of surviving the Universal Jihadist's onslaught of barbarism and mass murder to the end of totalitarian rule of the world.

    To survive at all and preserve our cherished rights and freedoms, our cultures, our religions, our civilizations, we must declare an ideological war against Universal Jihadists. We must do so now. They long ago declared war on us.

    copyright (c) CBSX, LLC Use and distribute as you wish; do not edit and give us credit.

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  • Tuesday, September 01, 2009


    John O. Brennan
    Ever get that sinking feeling that some people would rather spend their entire life chasing rainbows than accept the reality that a rainbow is merely an arc of colored light in the sky caused by refraction of the sun's rays by rain. There is no distinction to the rainbow whether this is caused by clean rain or polluted rain caused by a myriad of human and geological events.

    This immense, curved spectrum of light appears only when both the elements of sunshine and rainfall present. As the sunlight enters the falling raindrops, it breaks up into its true colors of red, orange, yellow, blue, and violet. These colors are always arranged according to their wavelengths, with red being at one end of the spectrum, and violet at the other. Once inside the droplet, the particles of colored light bounce from side to side, reflect off of the far side of the droplet, exit the droplet, and reassemble, according to their wavelengths, to form a rainbow.

    Simply because one happens to be standing in the right place at the right time, when both elements necessary to form a rainbow are present, does not mean that one will actually see a rainbow dazzle. For the human eye to see these multi-colored bands, ranging from red to violet, her body must be strategically positioned between the sun and the rain, with his back to the sun.

    If the sun, the eye, and the center of the rainbow's arc are not in a straight line, the show is over, before it began. This explains why we only see rainbows in the early morning or late afternoon...

    it is physically impossible for us to align our eyes with the sun at other times of day, as it is high above our heads! Logically, a morning rainbow appears when the sun shines in the east, and the rain falls in the west, and an afternoon rainbow appears when the sun shines in the west, and the rain falls in the east. Interesting stuff.

    From Dr. Daniel Pipes:

    POTUS BARACK OBAMA'S assistant for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, John O. Brennan, conveniently outlined the administration's present and future policy mistakes in a speech on August 6, "A New Approach for Safeguarding Americans."

    To start with, his address to the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, has an unusual tenor. "Sycophantic" is the word that springs to mind, as Brennan ninety times in five thousand words invokes either "President Obama," "he," "his," or "the president." Disturbingly, Brennan ascribes virtually every thought or policy in his speech to the wisdom of the One. This cringe-inducing lecture reminds one of a North Korean functionary paying homage to the Dear Leader.

    Specifics are no better. Most fundamentally, Brennan calls for appeasing terrorists: "Even as we condemn and oppose the illegitimate tactics used by terrorists, we need to acknowledge and address the legitimate needs and grievances of ordinary people those terrorists claim to represent." Which legitimate needs and grievances, one wonders, does he think Al-Qaeda represents?

    Brennan carefully delineates a two-fold threat, one being "Al-Qaida and its allies" and the other "violent extremism." But the former, self-evidently, is a subset of the latter. This elementary mistake undermines his entire analysis.

    He also rejects any connection between "violent extremism" and Islam: "Using the legitimate term jihad, which means to purify oneself or to wage a holy struggle for a moral goal, risks giving these murderers the religious legitimacy they desperately seek but in no way deserve. Worse, it risks reinforcing the idea that the United States is somehow at war with Islam itself."

    This passage regurgitates a theory of radical Islam that, according to Lt. Colonel Joseph C. Myers of the U.S. Air Command and Staff College, "is part of a strategic disinformation and denial and deception campaign" developed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Discredited in 2007 by Robert Spencer, the theory distinguishes between good jihad and bad jihad and denies any connection between Islam and terrorism.

    It's a deeply deceptive interpretation intended to confuse non-Muslims and win time for Islamists. The George W. Bush administration, for all its mistakes, did not succumb to this ruse. But Brennan informs us that his boss now bases U.S. policy on it.

    As has been pointed out many a time in many a place, the problem is "The One." Right at the top, Barack Obama, that is. As a candidate, in discussing foreign affairs, he used endless platitutes. On Iran, for example, he could not get beyond "carrots and sticks," which he repeated again and again. He made extraordinary comments about Hezbollah and Lebanon that even caught the attention of David Brooks of the New York Times. He sounds a all times like a moderately adept debater who thrives on the fruits of platitude, chasing rainbows in the false churlish world of his own imagination.

    Read the remainder of the report from Dr. Daniel Pipes.

    We at the Bellicose Augur agree that Obama and Brennan are up to no good with their soporific notions of appeasing the enemy, or worse, in conducting pure acts of treason to gum up the works for future service, but we strongly disagree that the Bush administration stayed free of such conflated and confused thinking themselves. Did the Bush White House stop or place a moratorium on Islamic immigration onto our shores? No, it did not. Instead, it flung open the doors to Islamic immigration from around the globe, cocksure that once on American soil, followers of Allah would morph into Joe and Flo Crossbearer, and play peacefully with its infidel neighbors. Oops, didn't happen.

    Did the Bush White draw distinctions between our system and the system of Islamic nations in terms of human and natural rights, as diminished as these rights are becoming even here with the encroachment of government from both ends of the sledge hammer? No, it most certainly did not. A martial code of silence was in full effect. Echoes of Bush's "Islam is a Religion of Peace" non-sense still bounce like bricks with a painful thud inside my head. Lies. More lies. And those damned lies.

    Bush was obviously in bed with the Saudis who are spearheading massive spending ventures, funding Wahhabi schools from kindergarten upwards, erecting virilent and robust mosques in a neighborhood near you, and in a slick move politician types of every stripe master with a wink and a nod, these Saudi princes pour concrete and glass into new Islamic Studies wings at universities in every state of this formerly great nation of ours while the Bush administration did nothing but fire whistleblowers who dared contradict its standing (and sitting) policy of soft appeasement of this very real enemy. All in the name of oil and business as usual. To now hold Scotland accountable for its release of the Lockerbie bomber is a joke.

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