Monday, August 20, 2007


Everyday as the sheets are continually pulled back a bit more on the political bedfellows in the West, I am flummoxed by the realization that this twisted alliance of Leftists and Islamists is hardly puzzling at all. But as some of us who are standing up against this alliance have realized they can not maintain their ties indefinitely and will come to blows at some point.

The saying...

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is surely undergoing modification in this case to "the enemy of my greater enemy is my friend until they help me defeat my greater enemy, then this weak friend can be disposed of".

The greatest threat to the Islam takeover is Judeo-Christian traditionalists in power, and Leftists are the idealogical enemy native to the West. Thus, Islamic interests generate taquiyya, and use these frothing idealists in alliance to attack the Judeo-Christian powerbase.

These Leftists making the proverbial deal with the devil in their mutual hatred of anything Judeo-Christian with Islam don't have a clue obviously to the true nature and history of Islam, but a quick litmus test would show that these willing partners to our enemies are infidels just like the rest of us and are destined to the same fate as any other resister under sharia.

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