Friday, August 10, 2007


A point made by James Martel concerning the plight of Islamic women:

Islam is the most sexist major religion when it comes to women. Just look at the child marriage, the sexual exploitation of female workers in Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia is listed as the worst country for human trafficking.

This is the dirty secret of Islam and apologist for Islam try to avoid it or dismiss the sexism as just cultural and not Islamic. A good exploration of Islamic hadith shows rampant sexism that is of a couple orders of magnitude higher than any other major religion.

That feminists have not challenged Islam head on is very telling about feminism real interest in women. There are 500,000 million women under the slavery that is Islam. Why more feminists do not work for the liberation of Muslim women from this sexism is something to ponder.

Did you know that some of the major purchasers of light boxes are Muslim women. Their men keep them locked up in their homes so much (even in desert countries, i.e. most) that they get sick from not enough sunlight. No wonder they must punish Muslim women who want to marry Christians. Christian men make better husbands, just as Buddhist, Janist, Baihi, Zoroastrian husbands.

Islam must enslave their women or many will leave. If this is not so, why have a law against leaving? Yes, yes, Islam is so pure and perfect and divine. Give me a break, it is about access to women and controlling them. That is why Islam forbids women leaving? If Islamic marrage is so wonderful then give women the freedom to leave.

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