Friday, August 10, 2007


Sign the petition to ask Brussels mayor to reconsider his banning of a September 11 memorial protest march by the group "Stop the Islamization of Europe" - a protest in front of the EU headquarters..


These are the rallying cries that people all over Europe are shouting far and wide to Islamists both within Europe and in other countries who seek to impose Sharia law upon European citizens.

It is not only to Muslims, who seek to expand Islam across the whole of Europe, that Europeans are saying "Enough" it is also to our politicians who connive with Islamists to establish Sharia law by stealth. From building regulations to burial rights, the majority of Europe's population is increasingly expected to adhere to Sharia law.

"Hate" laws now make it a crime to speak out against Islam even though it is just another totalitarian political system.

Our free speech, which has been gained over many centuries by defeating tyrannical regimes through many bloody wars, is now being removed solely to protect Muslims from being offended. Nobody has the right to not be offended.

SIOE is a Pan-European movement determined to not merely stopping the surreptitious Islamisation of Europe, but reversing it.

The first step in this reversal is a march comprising people, from many European countries, all demanding that all non-Islamic European nations remain non-Islamic and a halt to encroachment of Sharia law.

To those of you who don't have a clue what this is all about, you have now heard about it here, first. Now, you, along with all the appeasers and nay-sayers, allies and co-conspirators, I suggest you get informed. Don't take my word. But sharia, if not stopped first, is coming to a neighborhood near you. It may already be there, lurking in the shadows. It may arrive in the heat of night next month. Next year. Or ten years down the road. But it's coming.

And all the wishful thinking in your liberal or conservative, obviously good intentioned mindset will not change this fact. The warning signs are everywhere. But you must make a choice. Ignorance of the world in which you work and play will not save you, or your loved ones from the terror of sharia once it takes root. You must arm yourself with the facts.


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