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These sheiks are simply itching for a fight, and the Sh'ites may oblige them if we damned Yankees won't, but what's all this fuss about "i" before "e" except after "c" that we were taught as dirty kaffir kids?

THE WORLD FOOD PROGRAM'S internal documents show that the major oil producing nations of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) gives almost nothing to the food organization, even as skyrocketing oil prices and swollen oil revenues contribute to the very crisis that the U.N. claims could soon add 100 million more people to the world’s starving masses. The overwhelming bulk of the burden in feeding the world’s starving poor remains with the United States and a small group of other predominately Western nations, a situation that the WFP has done little so far to change, even as it has asked for another $775 million in donations to ease the crisis.

Donor listings on WFP’s website show that this year, as in every year since 1999, the U.S. is far and away the biggest aid provider to WFP. Since 2001, U.S. donations to the food agency have averaged more than $1.16 billion annually—or more than five times as much as the next biggest donor, the European Commission. One might suppose that the same oil rich Muslim nations, led by Saudi Arabia, who continues to spend hundreds of millions every year constructing madrassas and erecting mosques in every corner of the globe to spread its virilent Wahabi doctrine must believe that man does not live by bread alone, but by Islam alone.

This year, the U.S. had contributed $362.7 million to WFP just through May 4, according to the website. That figure does not include another $250 million above the planned yearly contribution that was promised by President George W. Bush in the wake of WFP’s April warning that a “silent tsunami” of rising food costs would add dramatically to the world population living in hunger. Nor does it include another $770 million in food aid that President Bush has asked Congress to provide as soon as possible.

1. USA - $362,728,240
2. Canada - 103,770,270
3. United Nations - 84,446,788
4. Japan - 69,653,009
5. Sweden - 61,290,322
6. Netherlands - 54,231,878
7. Denmark - 50,479,875
8. Italy - 41,544,151
9. United Kingdom - 36,014,081
10. European Commission - 32,451,039
11. Switzerland - 29,132,661
12. Germany - 28,456,272
13. Private Donors - 23,084,971
14. Finland - 18,736,010
15. Australia - 13,868,115
16. Spain - 13,716,100
17. Russian Federation - 12,500,000
18. Luxembourg - 11,338,301
19. Ireland - 9,186,704
20. France - 9,140,161
21. Bangladesh - 5,787,465
22. Norway - 5,404,288
23. New Zealand - 4,894,327
24. Austria - 3,414,417
25. Greece - 3,213,770
26. China - 2,500,000
27. Republic of Korea - 1,951,010
28. Iceland - 1,603,498
29. Zambia - 1,250,000
30. Mauritania - 1,237,445
31. Congo - 800,000
32. Burkina Faso - 603,768
33. Peru - 316,652
34. Egypt - 309, 096
35. Turkey - 300,000
36. South Africa - 213,841
37. Brazil - 200,000
38. Liechtenstein - 110,091
39. Mozambique - 105,048
40. India - 75,472
41. Syria - 62,630
42. Czech Republic - 56,818
43. OPEC Fund - 50,000
44. United Arab Emirates - 50,000
45. Thailand - 47,755
46. Slovenia - 47,319
47. Estonia - 46,581
48. Jordan - 42,118
49. Pakistan - 37,127
50. Faroe Islands - 30,425
51. Israel - 30,000
52. Guinea - 19,716
53. Belgium - 14,793
54. Vatican City - 10,000
55. Bhutan - 5,014
56. Malaysia - 4,213
57. Panama - 1,000

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia, with oil revenues last year of $164 billion, does not even appear on the website donor list for 2008. And while Canada, Australia, Western Europe and Japan have hastened to pony up an additional $260 million in aid since WFP’s latest appeal, the world organization told FOX News, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the international oil cartel, tossed in a grand total of $1.5 million in addition to the $50,000 it had previously donated.

Click here for the PDF table for the years 2001-2007. By our calculations, using this table, the total 2007 contribution to the WFP by the Islamic nations (pop. 1.5bn and including some of the world's richest oil exporters) was around $34.3m, equal to that of the Republic of Ireland (pop. 4.3m). These oil-rich Muslim countries DO share generously with the world one thing in abundance: sharia oppression which is the mating call to violence.

The OPEC total amounts to roughly one minute and 10 seconds worth of the organization’s estimated $674 billion in annual oil revenues in 2007—revenues that will be vastly exceeded in 2008 with the continuing spiral in world oil prices. The only other major oil exporter who made the WFP list of 2008 donors was the United Arab Emirates, which kicked in $50,000. UAE oil revenues in 2007 were $63 billion.

By contrast, the poverty-stricken African republic of Burkina Faso is listed as donating more than $600,000, and Bangladesh, perennial home of many of the world’s hungriest people, is listed as donating nearly $5.8 million.

This outrage highlights two of the big lies about Islam:

1. All Muslims are Brothers together—all too often overlooked, but old-fashioned tribal racism, particularly Arab racism, is alive and well in the Muslim world. Arabs use the same word for "black" and "slave." Berber Muslims and South Asian Muslims are not considered equals with Arab Muslims. A fierce article on this subject by Jon Clay entitled "Islam: Universal religion or Arab tribalism?" can be found here.

2. One of the noble pillars of Islam is zakat or charitable giving—the way this "tax" is administered, however, is a farce. The heavy burden is on poor farmers, but most of modern sources of wealth—oil revenue, banking, and corporate equity —are exempt from zakat because those enterprises didn't exist in Muhammad's time. Note how, selectively, the letter of the law or the spirit of the law is emphasized, depending on the situation.

How convenient is thy liar's mind!

A fascinating exposé of the absurdities of Islamic economics can be found in the book Islam and Mammon written by Timur Kuran.

What this study leaves out is that Muslim countries disproportionately receive aid throughout the world. Even oil-drunk terror-producing nations like Saudi Arabia receives foreign aid in what must be the most ill-conceived policy blunder of Bush's eight years.

It is by design that the oil-rich Muslim nations turn a blind eye to any human crisis around the world—even when other Muslims are involved. After all, in the mind of an Arab supremacist, it surely must be Allah's will that these other Muslims and kaffirs alike are impoverished or struck with tragedy while the Arabs themselves are growing richer by the gallon.

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