Tuesday, July 24, 2007


"Whatever are we to do in the face of Islamic terrorism?" says Alice through the looking glass.

Of course, there are freedoms that can be sacrificed in the name of security. If one blindly follows intellectual papers written at the end of the 18th century without consideration, one will fall behind in a rapidly changing world. Tough times require tough decisions and sacrifices. Some people sound like a spoiled children who don't want a toy taken away.

It's easy for Americans in our geographically comfortable position to sometimes criticize Europeans for whom they choose to ally themselves. Look at whom we have claimed as allies over the years and currently. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia just to name two.

European countries have known the terrors and futility of war and so it is understandable that they will try every thing they can to avoid it, even if it means appeasement to what many consider the Islamic enemy. Europeans feel the sensible thing is to keep their neighbors happy for as long as is reasonably possible. They don't do this because they are cowards. They do this because they have seen death, starvation and the complete destruction of their cities for centuries upon. America is still a young nation and full of brash overconfident fools. Until the US has had to endure foreign troops marching through its own cities hoisting opposition flags, we will never understand the deep and lasting cultural effect war has on nations.

Europeans are hesitant of confrontation for now but they are not cowards.

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