Friday, July 20, 2007


Rules of engagement for Iraq the way our grandfathers might have carried them out:

(wishful thinking)

1) Either destroy ALL or take complete control of ALL state media until the end of occupation. Iraqi history channel, Iraqi Discovery and learning channels, cartoons, no holds barred debates on social issues - 24/7. International news blackout 24/7 - the people of Iraq need to focus on their homeland.

2) Target and and immediately execute any and all Iraqi "leaders" fomenting further armed conflict with occupying American forces. Militant Imams - no such thing.

3) Immediately execute all previous leaders of the Iraqi regime in order to make the point clear that THIS IS PENALTY FOR SHINNING YOUR ASS AT THE U.S.

4) Target and wipe out any and every group rising against US military occupation. Our soldiers demand either respect or fear.

5) Total Population disarmament. 20 years hard time in a prison of our choice for anyone in possession of automatic firearms. Immediate execution for possession of outlawed ingredients or completed explosives.

6) Always return fire, whithering firepower if possible irrespective of it origin...that includes Mosques. If Insurgents want to launch attacks from them, they can die in them.

7) New government or not, that choice to assemble one is up to the people of Iraq, they need no hand holding and will get none.

8) If a new government is formed. Islam insofar as it is a personal faith is to be left in peace to the ordinary people of the land but not one note of it will be in a constitution by and for the ordinary people of Iraq. Sorry but under U.S. occupation, it's a simple request and that's the way it's gonna be.

9) Maybe our childrens children will be friends one day but we will never be. Mind your own business, drill and sell your own oil and try to spread it's wealth back into rebuilding your own country. Bear in mind that we will wipe out the Iraqi nation if attacks on American soil originate from Iraq.

10) The rest of the pacifist world can go to hell, have a nice day.

Maybe, just maybe we would not even be in Iraq if some of these points were followed...whadayathink there Sen. Specter?


The previous article, or Ten Point Plan, was originally posted by a Jihad Watcher named Quantum Infidel. My response is simple.

Man, that's one hellava war plan you've got there. Unfortunately, haven't you heard, America prefers to allow its sworn enemies to run around like crybabies (with bombs strapped to their asses), so our soldiers can hug, kiss, and heap phoney praises on the bugga boo boo, when they're not handing out lollipops, and building schools that last a whole week before they are blown up again by these same native insurgents now on the mend.

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