Saturday, June 30, 2007


democracy, In respose to a young voice naive complaining about the penetrating certainty that many Jihad Watch commentors convey in their assessment of today's political climate with regards to Islam, Jihad, and parsing the so-called moderate Muslim issue, here is a lean but strengthening response posted by a writer who calls herself Miss Anthrope:

I personally recommend you listen to those of us who don't have a nefarious religious/political agenda. Who is that? Only you can decide for yourself who on this board is trying to sway opinion.

I can tell you, as a non-religious person, that I don't fall into the 'box' most of my non-religuous peers wish for me. I am not blind to the agendas of those who wish to trample upon my individual freedoms.

I have had trouble defining myself based on current definitions, but you could say I fit, to an extensive degree, into the following categories: Moralist, Constitutionalist, Humanist, and, most recently, Secular Conservative (my terminology).

For many years, those who wish to trample upon my individual freedoms have been the Left. They use such terms as Military Industrial Complex instead of Military. They enjoy using such jargon to make you distrustful of every organization with ANY semblance of authority.

This is an old Communist tactic that has been used against the US since the '30s. And yet, despite their 'anti-authoritarian' slant, they are insistent that they know better than you anyway in order to tell you what to do! Does this make sense? Of course not. If they REALLY despised authority, they would despise it ALL. That's not the case...they just despise DEMOCRACY.

So, why am I giving you all of this background? For this reason only: Substitute Islam for the Left, and any Western country for the US. I think you see my point. As a thinking individual, you are to take or leave as you deem fit. I'm not one to do more here than have my say.


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