Thursday, July 12, 2007


An excerpt from the Spirit of 1683 found on Jihad Watch:

And our so-called 'men of the cloth' were just as bad. But the wicked got what they wanted from a West that is easily duped because it chooses to be easily duped, and this is so because it chooses to be violently anti-semitic. The spirit of Nazism has been resurrected in 21st Century Europe, and has sadly been exported to the US.

Another aspect of this was the marches in dozens of Western cities. Tens of thousands of brain-dead Leftist and Islamist rabble-rousers carried banners showing solidarity with Hezbollah. Contrast this with the size of the rally in Glasgow last week, which had a few hundred attendees, with half of them carrying "Stop The War" placards—and half being non-Muslim. Of course, the Left pretend to be against racism and for civil liberties if their banners are to be believed but salivate over the worst racists and vilest regimes on the planet. What a depressing picture this creates of a Britain that seems to care more about the lives of Hezbollah terrorists than of London pubgoers and Glaswegian holidaymakers.

And today there is a different battle going on in Lebanon—between the Lebanese Army and terrorists in a refugee camp. The protestors, who only a year ago slandered Israel on our streets are strangely absent. There's no Green Helmet Man around today, nor a Red Cross ambulance in sight. No bellowing has been heard from the obnoxious Galloway and his ilk. Our press and media remain strangely silent. The so-called 'peace activists' have suddenly decided Lebanon isn't the place for them. What a stunning lack of morals from a bunch as deficient in guts as they are in ideals.

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