Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Question: Actually, I thought this Rushdie Knighthood situation would have grown more legs by now and become as widespread as the Danish Cartoons. Any reason why it hasn't?

Answer: Give them a little more time, it takes a while for them to get worked up into a lather. After the Mohammed cartoons in the Jyllands-Poston in September 2005, it took 2 weeks before an estimated 3,500 Muslims in Denmark conducted a somewhat peaceful protest. In November, several European newspapers re-published the images, triggering more protests. The deluge of foul spirits actually didn't began to ramp up until January of 2006, nearly 3 1/2 months later combining with a boycott of Danish goods. Several countries withdrew their ambassadors to Denmark, and widespread protests, some of them violent, flourished across Muslim lands great and small. The protests continued in February. In Damascus, Syria, both the Norwegian embassy and a building containing the Danish, Dutch, and Chilean embassies were stormed and set on fire by protesters. In Beirut, thousands of people protested on the streets, and the Danish General Consulate was stormed and set on fire. By March of 2006, at least 139 people died primarily during riots stemming from protests.

Thanks, Mackie, I needed that..

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