Monday, February 26, 2007


I have said this before, but it bears repeating. Muslim groups keep telling the West that we need to respect them and that the West today is arrogant and over-confident. And in a tragic sense, I actually agree.

When the Russian Revolution broke out in 1917, as much as the West hated Communism, in a sense, we actually respected them. We respected the power of their ideas. We recognised that Communism was an potent and powerful alternative value system, and recognised that we would have destroy or contain it, hence the 1921 intervention by the Allied Powers and their (ultimately fruitless) attempt to crush the Red Army and assist the White Russians.

However, when observed at face value it seems that we do not respect the Islamic challenge. To me, this failure speaks volumes about the patronizing ethnocentricism of many people in the West today on both the Left and the Right. Subconsciously, these people of good intentions are assuming that the West will always triumph over all of it's enemies, and thus consider the Islamic challenge hardly worth the bother. This is especially sinister when it is the military that thinks this way.

Make no mistake: the enemy is playing for keeps. Their value system is cruel, tyrannous, and despicable, but also very powerful. We must oppose Islam, to be sure, but we must also respect it's power. Islam is a worthy opponent, just aswere those American patriots who hid behind trees and bushes, in gulleys and in dark of night to defeat the British at the height of their colonial powers, and it is condescending and arrogant for us not to fight this Islamic menace with all means at our disposal.

It is not those who oppose Islam who are the arrogant Westerners—no ma'am, for we have seen the ideological power of Islam, and know that it is a beast not to taken lightly. We are off the plantation, Little Red Riding Hood, it's time to wake up and address what's at the door...


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